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Micro-Speaker Clamping

• Compact, transportable, multifunctional transducer measurement platform
• For Micro-Speaker, Headphones, Tweeter and any transducer up to 100 g
• Solid but adjustable mounting of laser displacement sensors and measurement microphones
• Different DUT clamping options available
• Can be easily modified to own applications, many additional mounting threads are present
• Can be used with a wide range of laser sensors, optimized for KEYENCE LK-H052
• Horizontal laser measurement position on the DUT can be continuously accurately positioned by manual linear adjustment.
• Vertical laser measurement position on the DUT can be continuously positioned on the laser mounting slider
• Distance between DUT and laser sensor can be continuously accurately adjusted by available Translation Stage with micrometer or in 10 mm steps
• Can be modified to a Vacuum Stand to fix loudspeakers during measurement and adjust its height close to the glass cover of the vacuum chamber
• Can be used to fix loudspeakers at the SCN turntable during Scanning Vibrometer measurements or other RnD measurement tasks 

To ensure reliable measurements of small transducers, a firm clamping of the test object and the sensors is required. The Micro-Speaker Clamping provides a comfortable mounting of micro-speakers, headphone drivers and tweeters as well as tools for microphone and laser mounting and calibration. 
A part of the Micro-Speaker Clamping can also be used as a Vacuum Stand to clamp small transducers inside the Vacuum Chamber for measurements while the effect of air is eliminated.

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