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Spectrogram 3D Limits (3DL)

Add-on to the SPL Task and Optional Module for KLIPPEL QC Framework

  • Time-Frequency Analysis
  • Easy limit setting
  • Fingerprint of defects (as Rub&Buzz)
  • Sensitive Rub&Buzz detection
  • Optimize Rub&Buzz filter settings
  • Detect excitation and spectral position of limit violation

The Spectrogram 3D Limits is an add-On to the SPL Task of the Klippel QC Software. It performs a time-frequency analysis with a high time resolution by applying a filter bank based on an auditory model. The analysis is performed parallel to the data acquisition to avoid any performance impairment. The resulting spectrograms make it possible to identify the spectral fingerprint of a defective unit as well as the excitation frequency that activates it. The unique exceedance plot reveals the location of limit violation in the time-frequency plot. Additional 2D projection plots help reduce complexity and provide quick diagnostic information.


Test Hardware

License Dongle (USB)




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