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Application Overview

Loudspeaker Manufacturing

  • woofer, tweeter and other transducers
  • enclosures, horns, panel, wave guides
  • suspension soft parts (spider, surround)
  • cone, diaphragm, membrane

Professional Audio/Public Address

  • pro stage concert equipment (PA on tour, rental equipment)
  • large venue systems (front of house, main, monitors)
  • sound reinforcement system (SR)
  • fixed installation in concert hall, cinema, church, shops, streets
  • Long Line PA
  • Intercom systems
  • PA over IP

Electronic Musical Instrument

  • pickups for guitars (electromechanical transducer)
  • Musical Instrument Speakers

Automotive Audio

  • in-car audio system,
  • navigation system (GPS)
  • power amplifier and digital signal control
  • room equalization and sound tuning
  • active muffler
  • sound shaping
  • automotive loudspeakers (OEM, aftermarket)

Home Consumer Audio

  • Active surround sound system, home theatre
  • single and multi-room entertainment system
  • convenience products, TVs, radios, CD player, amplifier
  • Passive loudspeaker systems (Stereo)
  • Distributed mode loudspeaker (DML)
  • Audiophile speakers (electrostatic loudspeakers, ribbon and planar magnetic transducer, bending wave, Heil air motion transducers, plasma arc speakers )
  • In-wall speaker


  • notebooks, laptops, PC, video game consoles
  • Head sets (cordless, blue tooth), microphones
  • Slim speakers, microspeaker
  • active computer speakers (USB), subwoofer

Personal Audio

  • Portable media player (iPod), digital audio players (DAP), MP4 player, Disc man
  • Smartbook
  • head phone, ear phone,
  • Photo Camera
  • Handheld game consoles


  • wired analog or digital telephone sets
  • cellular phone, mobil phones, smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, …) , speakerphones, Personal Digital Assistance (PDA)
  • hands-free car phone systems,
  • door intercommunication system, conference phones,
  • VoIP, PBX
  • beeper, summer
  • head set, handset
  • Transducers, receivers, micro-speakers

Hearing Aids

  • electromagnetic transducers, balanced armature transducers
  • Earphones
  • Directional microphones,
  • Limiters, compressors

Man-machine Audio Interface

  • peripheral devices for speech recognition and speech synthesis
  • Emergency warning systems

Active Noise Control

  • transducers (sensors, actuators, exciters, shakers, loudspeakers, accelerometers, piezoelectric and magnetostrictive speakers)
  • noise-cancelling headphones
  • active vibration control